Step Back in Time

Back in Time Texas Style

This is one of the courthouses that are centerpieces for many town squares in Texas.  This particular courthouse is in Denton.  It is a beautiful old building with heavy wood doors, stone block construction and marble pillars at the head of the stairs for each entrance.  It is built with entrances on all four sides and now houses an excellent museum in part of it.  At night the trees have tiny white lights in them and the building is lit so it is a lovely place.  People meet at the courthouse for things like the yearly Arts Festival, the Jazz Festival and political rallies including a much publicized Tea Party Rally four years ago.  It isn’t unusual to be in Denton and find booths set up around the courthouse or even dance exhibitions.  Young couples and families come to hang out on the lawn and others gather at restaurants or coffee houses in the buildings that surround the square.  Outside tables are available in some areas so they can sit and drink coffee just looking at the courthouse.  Each Texas courthouse is different from the others.  As this year goes on, I will try to get to some of the other towns around here with great looking squares like this one.   Who knows as I continue blogging, it may end up being a blog about Texas.  Since I was born and raised in Idaho and then spent many years in California after I married, maybe as I search for photos I can share some of the cool things I’ve seen and learned about Texas.  This state definitely has a personality all of its own.