Jumping into the Deep End

Day 1 of a year in photography

Today is October 13, 2012.  I am starting this new blog today and turning my back on the old one.  I have frankly struggled with the old one because I couldn’t find a real reason to blog.  I shared photographs and occasional news flashes about some of my client’s accomplishments.  But the blogs that I like are the ones that let me see who the writers are along with their interests, joys, struggles, mistakes and accomplishments.  This blog is a personal journey for me.

The photographs will tell a story of life captured, ideas created and lots of experimentation along the way.  The experimentations may not work but I promise to share that, too.   I vow to take at least one photograph each day for the next year that is unrelated to my regular portrait sessions.  These images will allow me to spread my wings and learn new things along the way.  The great adventure begins today as I “jump into the deep end” with great hopes that 365 days from now I will have grown both as a photographer and a person.  My biggest fear is finding out that I can no longer take photographs for myself but only for my clients.  So……here goes, I’m officially jumping in.  More tomorrow…….