How We Roll

Hi again!  I hope your week is going well.  Our beautiful day is reflected in the image I am going to tell you about today.  I mentioned last week that the “Brussels Sprouts” assignment was a flash assignment that was added to this “motion” assignment.  I was to create a brochure cover for an unnamed insurance company that wants to break into a new market.   I chose to bring my idea of motion via motorcycles.  As you look at the photograph below, the right side (as you look at it) is on the front of the brochure.  The left half of the photograph will wrap around and become the back of the brochure cover.   The bikes are placed from the oldest to the most recent from left to right.  gloriamcdonald_18-b

The oldest bike (left) was built in 1956 and the newest one (orange) was built in 2006.  So as you look at this image, there is a 50 year span from the first to last motorcycle.  This was a fun assignment and also challenging.  The sun was on the right side of the picture behind the motorcycles.  It was about 10:30 a.m. so the sun was fairly high and throwing shadows through the trees backlighting the bikes.  The rider at the front of the line was also backlit by the sun so I added a 4′ octobox to light the rider’s face and the front of the motorcycle.  As a side note, it was pushing 80 degrees and that rider was in full gear.  He was definitely not a comfortable model!

Things all said and done, it took several adjustments to bike alignment and lots of pushing those older heavy bikes but the results worked out nicely.

Author: Gloria McDonald

I am a Certified Professional Photographer. I am both a portrait and commercial photographic artist. Wild Mane Photography is my company which began in 2004. I love photographing women of all ages, black and white images, drama with a little glamour added and commercial product images..

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