Ellie has explored every single part of her new son.
Ellie has explored every single part of her new son.

After a long “baby watch”, Ellie finally had her foal sometime yesterday afternoon during a rain storm. Doesn’t that just figure?! I have had the monitor on in the house watching her off and on for 6 weeks and many times got up to check her in the middle of the night. True to the animal world, she had him in her own time and with nobody watching. He is healthy, full of energy and loaded of personality already. I suspect he is going to give his mom some trouble along the way. He was so curious this morning that he left her in his dust and ran full speed over to me this morning. Ellie was none too pleased but decided it was OK as long as I was under her watchful eye.

Ready to take on the world!

It was quite a surprise last night to see four extra legs in Ellie’s paddock as we headed down to feed. At least we didn’t have to worry things wouldn’t go well. It was all over, he was up and running around and she was calmly grazing. It always amazes me how quickly a mom and foal recover from a birth. It does look like it may take Miss Ellis a little while to get back her girlish figure, however.

Ellie is such a good mom. I went down this evening and sat on a bucket in the paddock and just watched as she taught her little one the ropes. She guided him with her nose, nuzzled him when he came close, and pushed him when she didn’t like what he did. He spent all of his time mimicking her. She was grazing so with no teeth he managed to pull up some grass and “chew” it. I actually worried he would choke but he managed. He appears to have a good appetite. I felt sorry for Ellie as he rooted around with absolutely no finesse until he got the milk he wanted.

Mother and Son

Enough for this evening. I will keep you filled in as we watch “junior” grow. Stay tuned. I am going to take a poll for name suggestions.

Author: Gloria McDonald

I am a Certified Professional Photographer. I am both a portrait and commercial photographic artist. Wild Mane Photography is my company which began in 2004. I love photographing women of all ages, black and white images, drama with a little glamour added and commercial product images..

10 thoughts on “IT’S A BOY!!!”

  1. That is wonderful and God took care of it all. Amazing isn’t He when we just let Him take the lead.

    1. Yes, he has his mother’s markings on the face but his actual spots are more like his dad. Ellie has more solid then both this little guy and Dude. It was certainly a good cross. He has a pretty head like his dad, too.

  2. Julee, he is actually a lot smaller than any of the colts we had born here. Knowing how you love little things, I can’t wait for you to come see our “little fellow”.

  3. This has been a wonderful “watch”, as I have read your posts,

    and thank you for the beautiful photos!

    I don’t live too far from you Gloria, and I hope that I can come

    and see your darling new “boy” sometime soon.

    It would be such a joy to see him!

    thank you,

    Blessings, Lorilee


    1. I like it. However, we have an Eli in the human family so I think it might not be so good to name a donkey after him. 🙂 Especially since donkeys are also referred to as something else! LOL

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