Baby Watch!

Miss EllieWild Mane Photography is officially on “Baby Watch”.  Perhaps I should clarify that I have two horses (mares) and five small (not minis) donkeys (one jack and four jennies).  One of our jennies is ready to foal any day.  Of course, I thought that two weeks ago and I am still waiting.  Miss Ellie is the first of three that should foal in the next few months.  As she got larger and larger, we prepared a special area for her which includes part of the barn and a nice big paddock area where she can still touch noses with all of her buddies but be safe from them when she does finally foal.   I ran additional wire fencing along the bottom of the portable fencing so that when this little foal arrives he or she won’t roll under the fence and end up on the wrong side.  We have a wireless camera installed so that I can check on her during the night by turning on my TV and watching her from the house.  I am getting used to her routine so I hope I will notice when things begin to happen.   I thought today was the day.  She went down in the pasture and stayed for a long time looking pretty uncomfortable.  When I got down there, I could see the impression of a foot/hoof pushing against her skin and her side moving around.  But, as continues to happen, she suddenly looked me, got up and came over and dropped her head in my lap for some TLC.  As I look at my clock, I see it is time to go check the TV.  Most often these animals foal at night and it is almost 1:00 a.m.  I’ll keep you posted!


Author: Gloria McDonald

I am a Certified Professional Photographer. I am both a portrait and commercial photographic artist. Wild Mane Photography is my company which began in 2004. I love photographing women of all ages, black and white images, drama with a little glamour added and commercial product images..

2 thoughts on “Baby Watch!”

  1. Hope she has that baby soon or you are going to miss it for being so tired from not getting any rest. this is kind of like us the children of God waiting for Christ to return to get us. But He says just be ready when I come for it will be when we least expect it. Love ya, Get some rest.

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