Spanish Moss, Texas Style


I was fascinated by the Spanish moss in the Cypress Trees when we went to Caddo Lake, Texas.  It gave everything a very ethereal and almost spooky feel.  With the moss hanging all over and the beautiful trunks of these trees, I could have spent hours just sitting amongst them.

Spanish moss is really not a moss at all but is an angiosperm.  OK, I confess that I didn’t know a thing about that but I looked it up on Wikipedia.  According to Wikipedia, Spanish moss grows commonly in Southern Live Oak or Bald Cypress.  It grows hanging from tree branches in full sun or partial shade.  The climate has to be warm enough and with relatively high average humidity so east Texas is a good place for it to thrive.  It has tiny little flowers and propagates by blowing from one tree to another in the wind or it is carried by birds using it to make nests.  So, that is the botany lesson for the day.

I love how it looks and it certainly does contribute to the appeal of Caddo Lake.   I am so anxious to see how all of this looks in the spring.  If this area was amazing in November, just think what it must look like with springtime awakening.


Author: Gloria McDonald

I am a Certified Professional Photographer. I am both a portrait and commercial photographic artist. Wild Mane Photography is my company which began in 2004. I love photographing women of all ages, black and white images, drama with a little glamour added and commercial product images..

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